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Welcome to replica hermes belts USA, UK, Canada, Australia online store, We sale hermes kelly bag replica belts, hermes outlet store belts at cheap price.HERMs is not just a handbag. It is a woman's hand , her sense of security into the bag , and from the pocket looking for her needs. This handbag protecting her private world , like Princess Grace with a big , black Kelly bag, to protect the body lines , like her pregnancy . HERMsS seems like a jewelry box , a personal dream of space custody .
When I first learned that the human unanimously acclaimed fashion bags Kelly bags for the Rolls-Royce hermes outlet store, never felt more apt analogy . I remember in college in Guangzhou , a year of Queen Elizabeth II 's visit to China , the last stop is Guangzhou White Swan Hotel guests . White Swan dispatched Rolls-Royce luxury cars welcome . The media that it was the first Rolls-Royce car in China , the first Rolls- Royce fleet . On that occasion the Queen 's visit , give me the deepest impression is that the White Swan fleet of Rolls -Royce , as well as when to leave Guangzhou , the Queen 's private boat ride " Britannia ."
Many years later, I see in the United States Princess Grace biopic , see the April 1956 and attended the wedding of her family, friends , boarded cheap hermes kelly bag American cruise ship " Constitution " was to Monaco , to her new life. Kelly bag, is to commemorate a noble spirit and pure beauty with a young American woman , began her new life journey of the moment : the blue sea , her marriage , her career princess , her dreams , her future.
Let's look at the people on behalf of their fashion how to use Kelly bags :
Needless to say, the United States , Princess Grace Kelly surname makes Hermes fashion dream of becoming the world's peoples. From the pop diva Madonna , to countless celebrities and Hollywood stars , to countless other guests who are they demonstrate to the world how to use the Kelly bag.
French Finance Minister predecessor , but also Christine Lagarde IMF president now that Kelly bags fans of representatives of France, and is a low-key but professional representation of women in power . Italy, on a number of inherited her brother Gianni Versace fashion empire of Donatella Versace. And cheap hermes belts this brand as a high-profile publicity , Versace 's sister is a commonly bright green crocodile Piaimashi bag. Bright green, and only a few clothes with foil , never belong to the basic color . This high-profile spread a message: people have more than one carry bags Hermes bag. Because people are always easy to basic color foil clothing and occasions from a start into the world of Hermes .
Britain has a Hermes customer , he is one of the twentieth century 's most famous fashion photographer Tony Armstrong Jones, after 1960 and the Queen 's sister Princesshermes belts outlet Margaret married, was awarded the Queen closure Lord Snowdon. Another British photographer Cecil Beaton, Snowdon ridicule as " Cinderella of our time " !
"Our era Cinderella " Snowdon Lord , to see the beauty of clouds to make royal riches and honor and fame fashion industry . His Hermes produced, is a Kelly bag , leather is unprecedented - saddle leather . Used to make leather saddle , to go through the scraping and hammering . Lord Snowdon discerning, designated by saddle leather . This is exclusive of exclusive , original in the original.
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